Vision Boards

Vision boards or color boards are what designers use to help clients put their ideas on paper. This gives an idea of likes, and styles. Vision boards are also a quick simple way to pull a desired look together before it is executed in a room. Photos can be added, taken away, and switched around until the perfect look is achieved. If your schedule is busy, and you have an idea of what you want, start one!

Johnson Designs will take your ideas, and select furniture and materials from your vision to complete your desired look. See anything you like, go to CONTACT US and inquire about information on items.

This Victorian dining room is elegant and inviting for a formal eating experience. A mix of contemporary and modern art displays your taste in today's trends Dazzle guests with an evening of Victorian Song.

Clients tend to shy away from conversion tubs. However, with a bathroom that may be lacking in space, this contemporary bathroom has put to use the tub and shower curtain in the most cleanest of ways. Enjoy yourself in Blue Elegance any time of day.

It's a Man's Room. Any man would enjoy this setting in his cave or den. When he wants his lady and friends for company, they too will feel comfortable in his space. An eclectic style of masculinity for a extra large room.

La-a-a-a-adies!! Wouldn't you love to spend all your nights in this traditional room, and wake to sunshine every morning? Not only is this cheery bedroom is a place to sleep, but read, relax, and sip jasmine tea, or Pinot Grigio with your BFF. Oh, it's definitely Ladies' Night!

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